Neighborhood Safety

THE DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT’S SOUTHWEST PATROL DIVISION (which patrols Hampton Hills) asks us to report ANY crime-related incidents, even if they are not true emergencies, by calling 911. The police department allocates its officers and patrols based on the number and types of calls received. The more calls we make, the greater our police presence will be. According to the DPD, the city’s non-emergency 311 number should only be used for “quality of life” issues, such as high weeds or an abandoned vehicle. The Code Compliance officer for our district, Elonda Chilton, can be reached directly by calling 214-671-0896.

We urge you to report any crime-related incidents you may have, even if the crime has already occurred and you think the police can’t do much about it.

For more information or to report criminal activity in our area:

First, many of these resources will be most useful if you know our “beat number” and “reporting sector” (which is a subdivision of the beat number). Hampton Hills’ police beat is 444, one of seven in sector 440.

  • The Southwest Patrol Division, with headquarters at 4230 W. Illinois Ave., has 300 officers serving more than 200,000 residents in five sectors covering 75 square miles. To contact the Southwest Patrol Division, call 214-670-6792.
  • An investigative team of detectives supports the patrol unit. After an initial offense report has been made by a patrol officer, it is then assigned to a detective. The detective usually contacts the complainant to gather additional information and to apprise the complainant of the status of the investigation. To contact the investigative team, call 214-670-7471.
  • If you’re planning on being away from home for an extended length of time, the DPD will assign an extra patrol to check your residence. Officers will actually get out of their vehicle, check your front and back doors, and walk around your property to make sure there are no broken windows, etc. Simply call the Southwest Patrol Division with the dates you plan to be away from home.
  • The DPD maintains a public access website where you can search for detailed information about a particular incident, or for a list of incidents within a particular date range in our reporting area or for the entire beat.
  • Visit SpotCrime, a free website with an interactive map of reported crime.
  • Visit the Dallas Police Department’s media access page to view a listing of up-to-the-minute, top-priority, active Dallas police calls.

Operation Identification
The Operation Identification program encourages you to use an electronic engraving pen to mark valuable property with your Texas Drivers’ License number. Engravings should be in a place which can be observed without taking the property apart. In case of theft, the property can be readily identified and returned to you. You should also record the serial numbers of valuable property and keep a list of serial numbers with your other important papers. You may borrow an engraving pen from the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, or from the Southwest Patrol Division. If you borrow a pen from the police station, you will be given Operation ID stickers to place on doors and windows.

Residential Security Alarms
Under the Dallas City Code, the police may refuse to respond to any alarm notification from an alarm site that does not have a valid, up-to-date alarm permit. An alarm permit cannot be transferred to another person or a different address. The current fee for a residential alarm permit is $50 per year. Download the permit form here.

Safety & Security Tips