THE STANDING COMMITTEES of the HHNA include the Beautification Committee, Welcoming Committee, and a Safety & Code Compliance Committee.

  • The Beautification Committee promotes and encourages the beautification of the neighborhood, as well as selects the “Yard of the Month.”
  • The Welcoming Committee assists with welcoming new residents to our neighborhood. They provide regular updates, deliver a welcome basket, and encourage new neighbors to join the HHNA.
  • The Safety & Code Compliance Committee promotes and encourages crime watch/safety within the neighborhood, as well as handles city code compliance issues affecting the neighborhood.

The committees shall elect their own chair by majority vote and any member of the HHNA may be appointed to serve on any committee.

Ad Hoc committees are appointed by the President as needed. These committees are short-term and limited in focus, reporting directly to the Executive Committee. Current Ad Hoc committees include the Social Committee and the Communications Committee.

  • The Social Committee coordinates regular social events not otherwise charged to a different committee, and develops ideas for new events.
  • The Communications Committee manages the association’s website, social media and other print and digital communications.